Conference Information

SceneNet Final Conference

2nd Audio-Visual Gestalt Workshop

How can multiple audio-visual sources be used to create enhanced user experience?

Lisbon (Portugal), October 19th 2015


Following the success of the Audio-Visual Gestalt Workshop that took place in Bremen on September 2014 we are happy to announce the second Audio Visual Gestalt workshop organized by the SceneNet project.

This workshop deals with the concept of combining multiple sources of audio-visual information and user generated contents, in the form of images and videos, to create an enhanced description of a scene that can be shared among users. In this workshop we aim at discussing several aspects of this topic: data acquisition, data synchronization, 3D/4D visual data reconstruction, compute related issues, visualization aspects and ethical and social questions that arise from this concept.


The conference is located at the VIP Executive Villa Rica Hotel, Avenida 5 de Outubro, 295.


List of speakers includes:                                                                                                                                                                 Agenda of the conference





     Dr. Chen Sagiv,

     SceneNet Project & SagivTech Ltd., Israel






     Prof. Pedro A. Amado Assuncao

     Instituto Politécnico de Leiria in Portugal






     Dr. Nuno Correia

     Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal





 H G Stark4



       Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Stark

       Aschaffenburg University of Applied Science, Germany







     Dr. Raffaele de Amicis

     C-Space Project & GraphiTech, Trento, Italy





 aqua boubek3



       Prof. Dr. Tamy Boubekeur

       Harvest4D Project & Telekom ParisTech, France




     Cynthia Liem portrait3


     Cynthia Liem     

     Phenicx Project & TU Delft, Nederlands







     Dr. Jorge Plata-Chaves

     HANDiCAMS Project & KU Leuven, Nederlands







     Dr. Georg Thallinger

     ICosole Project & JOANNEUM RESEARCH Graz, Austria






     yann portrait4


     Yann Schoenenberger     

      SceneNet Project & EPFL, Switzerland




Remco Veltkamp 02



     Prof. Dr. Remco C. Veltkamp 

     FOKUS-K3D Project & Universiteit Utrecht, Nederlands







     Dov Eilot

     SceneNet Project & SagivTech Ltd., Israel



  Agenda for the conference.


Participation is free of charge but registration is required.

For more information & registration please contact Sabine Eifeld or Nadine Bresch


This project is funded by the European Union under the 7th Research Framework, programme FET-Open SME,
Grant agreement no. 309169.
7th Research Framework programme FET-Open SME, Grant agreement no. 309169